My name is Kiki and I am from Chatsworth located in the San Fernando Valley of California .  Growing up with parents who emmigrated from Jamaica, a grandpa that owned his own bakery, we had tons of family over constantly, which meant that there would always be something good to eat at home. The beef patties, ox-tail stew over rice, curry goat, and jerk chicken were some of the favorite meals cooked very often at the house. Eating these foods led to me being a chubby little girl throughout childhood, although I wasn’t obese, I definately had some junk in my trunk. As a teenager I kind of grew out of it, but instead of being the chubby girl I was now the “thick” girl, which meant I wasn’t rail thin but I had curves and then some. When it came time for that yearly tradition of school clothes shopping, I dreaded it, because I would be the one in the family that needed a bigger size for everything. My siblings were pretty fit. This led to my yo-yo dieting, which was succesful at the time, but some how wouldn’t be a permanent solution. The weight issue led to what I didn’t know at the time was depression. The depression was at its worst when I hit 20. The thoughts of taking my own life were constantly on my mind until one day it almost became a reality when I downed a half a bottle of diet pills. Little did I know that my battle with bad health was just beginning. (Click here to read my full story)


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  1. Hi~
    You recently posted a comment on my blog, The Blooming Platte–thank you–and I realized that I didn’t have Tofu ‘n’ Collards in my blogroll, but I do now!
    Thank you for including TBP on yours!

  2. I just love you blog The title blew my mind It’s like why did’t I think of that. I just love your life story it broth me to tears. I thank God there is a happy ending. Also I don’t live to far from you we are in the same county.

  3. Hey Kiki!

    How are you doing? Sorry to post this in your comments, couldn’t find another way to contact you!! 🙂 My forget fusion blog and I have been off the radar for 2+ years while I was volunteering in El Salvador, but I’m now launching my own exciting social project, mentoring low income cooks to start their own healthy food businesses in Colombia! I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as my old blog!

    You can watch my inspiring video promo (with subtitles available in English, French, Spanish, and Japanese) here: http://igg.me/at/foodtrain There’s also a radio interview I did earlier this week, with more to come!

    My project campaign is only running for another 3 weeks and has great food and travel perks, so please share it and encourage others to share and contribute too! Need all the exposure I can get, so if you feel like writing about my project as well, would be great!!


    Brian Johnston

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